Nicki Minaj & Drake? Dating?

3 Jan

no they are not, i love answering this question. according to hot 97 (97.1) new york’s Radio station last month nicki minaji was on the radio and they asked her just that and she told them she was not that she sees Drake and lil Wayne as her brothers and they are totally not her type no offense to them she said. Anyways i understand why you wonder because in drakes songs and Nicki minaji”s songs which he is featured like the song “moment 4 life” on drakes verse he talks about them getting married and stuff also in the song “miss me” by drake, he says i love nicki minaji i told her i admit i hope one day we get married just to say we f***ing did it and girl im f***ing serious and yeah and on other drake songs i can’t remember the right verse right now but yeah he talks bout him and nicki and him being in love ut yeah i guess it is just for the music and everyone knows they make a nice couple but yeah many rappers and music artist want nicki minaji cause she has sex appeal and talent and you know shes the break out artist and a down to earth ,slightly odd powerful interesting modern day black woman. so yeah hope this has answered your question and yeah just listen to some of drakes songs and songs he is featured and you will hear his shout outs to nicki minaji especially in moment 4 life so i hope i have answered your question. I also got a thumbs dumb down from someone just now and they are funny trying to give everyone a thumbs down so it looks like they are right wow i love it when people do that.


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